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Raptor Studios (a recording facility) and Barking Dog Records (a recording label) was a family business built and based out of our home in south Fargo ND from 1995 - 2011. I was the recording engineer. My third wife, Linda Boyd, was essentially the business manager. Knowing I would work extremely long hours, the plan was to create a first rate, yet client-affordable facility at home so that I could be part of our children’s lives as they grew up.

Barking Dog Records Artists were musicians that we identified as very special artists (in a vast array of musical styles) whom we attempted to support with financial assistance, promotion, performances, reviews, and even airplay. Some were very successful with multiple re-pressings—some . . . not so much!! Classical music was always a key priority in the BDR output.
My personal favorites are starred. There is still product available for most of these projects.

Brennen Leigh.jpg

Brennen Leigh


Lonesome, Wild, & Blue (2002)

Lisa Briggs.jpg

Lisa Briggs

Singer-Songwriter (pop/folk)

Coffee and Gifts (1996)

Mike Linda Coates.jpg

Mike & Linda Coates

Acoustic/Light Classical

Winter's Night (1995)

An Early Spring (1996)

Fall in Love (1997)

The Summer Air (1998)

Ded Walleye.jpg

Ded Walleye


Crankbait (1998)

Cindy Greywind.jpg

Cindy Greywind

Acoustic  Singer-Songwriter

Ordinary Woman (2005)

Native American Themes

Peter Halverson.jpg

Peter Halverson

Classical Baritone

American Portrait: From the Parlor to the Stage (2004)

Harris Coates Duo.jpg

Harris-Coates Duo

Classical Flute & Guitar

Reverie (1997)

Dances in the Madhouse (2000)

The White Peacock (2002)

jay hershberg.jpg

Jay Hershberger

Classical Pianist

CD Release: Transfigured Shadows

Selected Solo Piano Works by Franz Liszt - 2006

Deb Jenkins Band.jpg

Deb Jenkins Band


Freedom (1998)

Down Home Blues (2000)


Jim Langemo

Acoustic  Singer-Songwriter

Welcome to Sadieville (1997)

Russell Peterson.jpg

Russell Peterson

Classical Saxophone/Composer

American Breath (2001)

3 Minute Hero.jpg

Three Minute Hero


Bingo (1996)

Everyday Ninjas (1998)

Jessie Veeder.jpg

Jessie Veeder

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

A Place to Belong (2005)

Margot Wagner.jpg

Margot Wagner

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

Open Blue Sky (2001)

Firefly (2002)

Brenda Weiler.jpg

Brenda Weiler

Folk/Rock Singer-Songwriter

Trickle Down (1997)

Crazy Happy (1999)

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