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Raptor Studios (a recording facility) and Barking Dog Records (a recording label) was a family business built and based out of our home in south Fargo ND from 1995 - 2011. I was the recording engineer. My third wife, Linda Boyd, was essentially the business manager. Knowing I would work extremely long hours, the plan was to create a first rate, yet client-affordable facility at home so that I could be part of our children’s lives as they grew up.

Raptor Studio artists were clients who used our facility to create everything from full-blown CD projects, to EPs, and personal demos.






Mandy Brakel 


Chris Coste (audio book) 

Concordia Jazz 
Concordia Music 
Concordia Orchestra 
Concordia Percussion 


Susie Ekberg 

Escaping Jacob 


FMAYS (Fargo-Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies)

FMSO (Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra)

Hard Bop Saxophone Quartet 

Hot Huapaya 

Julie Joyce 



Sarah Morrau 





Red Nation

Silicon Monkey 

The Skyblues Band 

Skylark Opera 

Soul Doubt 

Lucy Thrasher 

Transcontinental Sax Quartet 

University of Seven Rays 


Dan Wagner 

The Wagners 

Jay Walters Band 

Zen Mothers 

The Goods (1997)
In My House (1999)

Treasures of the Soul (1996)
Hunter of Dreams (1998)

This Journey (2001)

Get Out (2002)

The 33-Year-Old Rookie (2008)

I’ll Tell You What (2004)
Faculty Sampler (2003)
Orchestral Favorites (2004)
Wood, Metal, Skin (2002)
Christmas Favorites (2004)


Home Meditations (2) (2001)

Away (2) (2005)

Naked Mental Gossip (1996)

Free (2000)

2004 - 2005 Season (2005)

1998 - 2017

Don’t Step on Your Neck (1999)

Beneath the Skin (2001)

She Believes (2006)

Mozart Effect (2004)

Dievolution (1995)

Storm Warning (1997)
To Hold You (1999)
Here’s to Life (2008)

Human Distortion (2001)
Through It All (2008)

The Way It Is (2003)

Future Funk (1997)

Diminished Reality (2000)

Sweethearts of Song: (2007)

I Will Not Be Silent (1996)

Cabaret (2007)

Mountain Roads (2001)

GEMINI The Festival of Goodwill; Solar Fire Ritual
TAURUS The Festival of Wesak; Solar Fire Ritual
Festival of the Will; Electric Fire Ritual

Keeper of the Flame (2000)

Country (1996)

Our Favorites (1996)

The Nest Has Fallen (1997)
The Usual Complications (2001)

The Living Air (1998)


Pat Ahlschlager
Cass County Jail
Chris DeSherlia
Ann Dolence
Charlie Gokey
Becky Gulsvig
Mary Hanninen
Patricia Koenig
Shane Lamb (& Billy Lurken)

Casey Lankow

Larry’s Bodyshop

Elizabeth Lyngstad

Elise Midelfort

Ciara Nichole

NDSU (North Dakota State University)

NDSU faculty

John Pederson
Raven Dark Cloud
Dr. Elizabeth Rheude (UND: University of North Dakota faculty)

Travis Smith
Terry Lausch
Trinity Lutheran
Upper Midwest Recovery Trio

Monica Winter

Humble Hands (CD)

audio handbook

vocal demo

time to be . . . carefree (MD/booklet)

Disney favorites
. . . still praising my Father (CD)

Hometown Christmas

Powerful Destiny
call holding
multiple recitals
home piano recording
Enchanted (CD)

Messiahs, Baroque & Choral Festivals;
Wind Symphony; over 1000 recitals/concerts

Kyle Mack, trombone, Matt Patnode, saxophone, and Neil Mueller, trumpet

jazz/trumpet demo

Crazy Crazy World

clarinet album
Midas Touch
Six Moons

The Music of Trinity (CD)

Sounds of Recovery (CD)


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